Terms of Use


We’ll make this simple. We go to great lengths to protect our product, our service. We enter a contract together and we achieve a goal. Policies and terms of use are the same for all buyers. As we strive to make things as transparent possible. Always contact us with any matter. We are not a retailer but are a sourcing company: offering convenience, bargaining, and accelerated logistics, always executing on behalf of our buyers needs. Mine Farm Buy LLC operates out of the State of Oregon and does not solicit, promote, or otherwise claim to operate in any other state, region, and/or country. 


Funds from debit/credit card buyers have to go through intermediaries. This takes time. The processing time to order can be up to four (4) business days and as short as one (1) business day. There maybe unforeseen delays as these intermediaries we do not control their working days, workflows and processes. Canceled orders will have transaction fees withheld regardless cancelation reason, as these fees are never returned to us by our processor.

*If you feel your order is time sensitive please look at faster alternative payment methods. 


We prefer the use of BTC foremost but may accept other coins. 

Cryptocurrency buyers must enter same terms of use as any buyer. Mine Farm Buy LLC reserves the right to refuse any request for any cryptocurrency payment. “Altcoins”, stable coins, etc will be treated as USD value, and liquidated. Bitcoin payments will be refunded in respective amount paid (ie, 1 BTC payment = 1 BTC refund) less transaction fees. Bitcoin refunds will returned via originating unspent transaction output (UTXO), unless exchange or transfer has taken place. All orders with bitcoin payment will only be valid until the payment timer expires, then a new order must be placed. Please contact us if there’s issue or questions regarding our BTCpayserver. Other coin requests will be reviewed and approved or rejected, instructions on how to complete payment will be given if accepted.


Wires must be a full, net payment to given account. Any product that is available for immediate release will be on hold/reserved for two (2) business days, resulting in cancelation if time expires. Any late payments may be subject for return less transaction fees if the order cannot be filled for any reason, and/or at the discretion of Mine Farm Buy LLC. Pricing on canceled orders will viewed as expired and a new order must be submitted. Any refund requests will be at the discretion of Mine Farm Buy LLC, payments terms at checkout, TOU, FAQ, and Refund and Return Policy if/as applicable, less transaction fees. 

Sales Tax Liability

All buyers are responsible to report and submit sale tax to their state, county, city as applicable. Mine Farm Buy LLC operates out of the State of Oregon which has no sales tax obligation, nor obligation to collect taxes on sales. Local Pickup is recommended for all parties and is available automatically for areas within a specific distance from our location. Should you be outside this area please use our contact form to amend this distance for your transaction/order.


Please use pgp communication to protect payment privacy.

Wire payment method may be used to garner a proforma invoice to review, please note “proforma request” in the note section at checkout. These requests are only valid for 48 hours.