Terms of Use


We’ll make this simple. We go to great lengths to protect our product, our service. We enter a contract together and we achieve a goal. Policies and terms of use are the same for all buyers. As we strive to make things as transparent possible. Always contact us with any matter. We are not a retailer but are a sourcing company: offering convenience, bargaining, and accelerated logistics, always executing on behalf of our buyers needs.

We use our your funds to place orders on your behalf. We manage and endure the complete process for you and can tailor every purchase to the buyers needs. You will have access to any information pertinent to your order at anytime and communication will come as it does to us (confirmations, shipping and tracking, invoicing, etc). You are buying a service. Once delivery is confirmed we finalize an invoice and credit all remainder minus our commission of 2%. Most pricing should be considered as quote, a projection till costs are itemized at delivery confirmation for all eligible “buys”, purchases.


All Batch funds to be held more than one (1) business day are placed in hold in fiat for valuation. Mfb is bound to return all funds per agreement terms outlined onsite and point of sale. Mfb does not reserve the right to move funds outside of agreed terms.


Funds from debit/credit card buyers have to go through intermediaries. This takes time. The processing time to order can be up to four (4) business days and as short as one (1) business day. There maybe unforeseen delays as these intermediaries we do not control their working days, workflows and processes. 

*If you feel your order is time sensitive Bitcoin payment is fastest and may be a better option.


We prefer the use of BTC foremost but may accept other coins. Please contact for a quote. Typically we can execute a coin order completely in a working hour.

Crypto Buyers must enter same terms of credit/debit buyers prior to payment. Mfb will offer a quote to every coin request. Mfb reserves the right to refuse any request for cryptopayment. Mfb agrees to value cryptopayments to USD per agreement of terms and place in associated  account for any funds to be held more than (1) business day. Mfb agrees all funds will be processed in order received during operating hours. Mfb does not take responsibility for market losses but is able to absorb moderate fluctuation. Any market gain attributed during transfer is property of buyer and accredited into final itemized invoice. Mfb agrees to limit cost associated with all cryptocurrecny transfers. Quotes are projections and market variations are built into our quoting. All quotes are subject to market volatility and will only be valid as mfb communicates to buyer. Please use pgp communication to protect payment privacy.


Buyer agrees to a detailed itemized invoice of associated costs as most purchases are quote only. Final invoices will be detailed out for expenditure at point of final cost calculation prior to delivery. Mfb and buyer agree to processing all refunds per mfb refund policy.


Our commission is 2% of total cost used. This amount is projected then adjusted on final invoices. Any under projection will come at the cost of mfb.


Is a subscription based model through web. Cryptocurrency and bulk deposits reoccur at client preference. Client enters agreement to trust with mfb per standard web terms (no commission taken till purchase is made). Funds are accessible per designated period on product listing. Fiat funds remain in fiat value at time of payment or transfer and FDIC insured up to $250,000 and subject to 1.50% APY up to $25,000. Multiple accounts are available upon request. Bitcoin payments can be held in fiat or remain in bitcoin, and subject to our multiple signature policies to secure an abundance of funds. Clients can also utilize our security practices, for partial custodianship for added security, and will be evaluated per client for eligibility. 

Mfb agrees to thirty (30) days notice to all buyers prior to changes of terms of use.