Gekko Science Terminus R909


Gekko Science Terminus R909 Asic for US and international buyers.

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Request your Gekko Science Terminus R909 SHA-256 Asic. Made in the USA. Global shipping available.

Based off the BM1397 asic chip, the Gekko Science R909 pod miner will safely run 1.5Th/s at or under 100W. Utilizing the same form factor as the prior R606, the R909 features on device voltage adjustment (similar to it’s predecessor) and an attached cooling fan. Powered with the 6pin pcie or barrel jack inputs, the options for deployment of multiples is made easy due it’s thoughtful design. Enjoy the quality of American craftmanship with your enthusiast pursuits of a global, decentralized, distributed ledger.

  • 1 count T R909, 1 count USB cable.
  • Please take time and consideration prior to reserving your hardware and selecting a batch buy.
  • Refunds are eligible before order is placed to manufacturer and will incur any processing fees.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in



100w ( +10%)


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