Fog Hashing B6D Suite


Fog Hashing B6D Immersion Suite. Made in and imported from China.

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Recommended for low and high time preferences.

Welcome to the Fog Hashing B6D immersion tank and cooling suite. Made and Imported from China.

A single oil loop with a tank to accommodate 6 dual tube asics (ie. S19), with a cooling capacity of 30kW @30C, and dynamic fan speed adjusting. Single Phase 200-277V Input and Output, CE rated for the both the tank and cooler, the tank also features 3 phase 480-350V, 208V connection compatibility. The Fog Hashing B6D Suite ships with additional accessories like fan simulators, power adapters, installable handles for asics, and pipe lines 5 meters long. All to make the B6D suite ready to deploy when adding the coolant option. The 5m pipe lines allow you the length to mount the single loop cooler exteriorly for added efficiency. Shipping is included, please expect pallet/freight delivery, particularly if delivered to your home. Asics sold separately.

  • 1st Quality production.
  • Delivery duties paid included in pricing*.
    • *available to most regions..
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Please take time and consideration prior to reserving your hardware.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

Additional information

Weight0.625 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 2 in

Outer Size 1420(L)*575(W)*620(H) mm
N.W. / G.W. 130kg / 180kg -B6 110kg / 166kg-B6D
Total Weight 230kg (with coolant and miners
Input Voltage 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz
Output Voltage Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz
Cooling Capacity 30kW@30°C
Power Usage 400W(Max)
Operating Temp -10°C ~ 40°C
Display 1.32” OLED Screen
Coolant Volume 174L
Capacity 6 ASIC miners
Network 100Mbps Ethernet switch
External Cooling Dry cooler/water cooling tower
Pipe Diameter DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)
Max Inlet/Outlet Temp 45/60°C
Noise 55dB(A)-10m

Outer Size 1560(L)*440(W)*952(H) mm
N.W. / G.W. 117kg / 133kg
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Heat Transfer 30kW@25°C 20kW@35°C
Operating Temp -10°C ~ 40°C
Coolant Capacity 14L
Power 580W x2
Air Volume 13000m³/h
Noise 71dB(A)-10m
Pipe Diameter DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)
Pipeline 5m x2


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