Your privacy is important, we do not sell, share any personal, payment, or order information. Nor will we ever.

We don't advertise other services, besides our own and our partnerships as they correlate to mfb. 


Make sure there is a locked lock beside your URL and reads "Secure" prior to entering information and completing check out.


These are your funds and are returnable at anytime prior to a batch selling out. Once your batch buy is sold out refunds are no longer available. Funds are typically not accessible till after four business days, please keep this in mind prior to purchase. Please see out FAQ for more information on refunds, returns, and cost reduction credits.


Crypto payments are immediately transferred to fiat for value and or used immediately for payment. We typically work via email, in as real time as we can offer. This is to ensure that come time to order your balance is still paid in full for group buyers, or through market fluctuations. We can and will refund crypto payments in the amount received minus any tx/withdrawl fees. Please contact us to make sure we accept your coin. Please read our FAQ for more details and contact us for all questions.