Who and What is Mine.Farm.Buy?

We are a service company that sources asic mining hardware. Essentially we buy for you. Your money, our method, your asic. Whether it's one asic or a minimum order quantity purchase, the service is the same. The method is the same. Striving for excellence in service and cost savings. 

What is a Group Batch? A Solo Buy? 

A group batch buy is a buy for multiple buyers who want to pool together for equipment that otherwise wouldn't be sold from a manufacturer as a single unit. Grouping together we are able to order the minimum quantity needed to make a complete purchase. You reserve your unit count and are in wait for other orders to fill. Once a MOQ of an item is reached all orders are placed (notifications are sent). Patience is recommended for these buys. 

A Solo buy is for any a single unit asic to multiple units, including reaching a MOQ. As solo buy in a batch or bundle will be for much larger quantities listed in item description. 

We suggest looking at all buys, finding what is most appropriate for your needs and time frame. 

Please Contact us with any questions.

What do you sell?

Just access to asic hardware. 

How does your pricing work?

Pricing includes item cost, projected customs/import duties, projected transaction fees and 2% commission. Shipping is purchased at checkout if needed. Cyrptocurrency payments please request a quote. Your costs are reduced because transactions fee's are much lower.

Since our mission is to deliver and save, there is some padding of cost to ensure we do not under project. This is returned as is any other cost savings, or unused funds.

What is a cost saving credit.

Since some costs are projected, negotiable or vary, we itemize a final invoice for all buyers. This is a prorated invoice that will show any savings from listed or quoted price and is returned to buyer(s).

We do over estimate slightly on pricing for these variances, cost saving returns should be expected but are not guaranteed. We strive to ensure our pricing is safely close to actual. You will retain credit for future purchases or we will return all funds due to buyers less transaction fees and any earned commission. Itemized invoice will outline per unit price, customs, shipping, commission adjustments. 

What does the process look like?

1) You pick your hardware and pay. We either order immediately or wait depending on type of buy. Securing funds and valuation of coins.

2) We ship as soon as manufacturer delivers to our site. We ensure everything is manufacturer sealed, packaging is secure and begin shipping out to buyers. Beginning with the earliest reservations.

*Sometimes we are able to ship directly to buyers from manufacturer, forgoing a layover at our site and reducing costs.

*In stock items are shipped within two (2) business days. These items will not feature solo or batch buy verbiage.

*Solo buy items are shipped like any other batch buy but are processed to manufacturer as they are received.

3) You receive your items and a finalized invoice. Since we project prices to include customs, transaction fees, and commission there is some savings on an a unit level, resulting in a credit or refund to the buyer. Buyers retain their credit for future purchases on web or through quotes or we will return all funds due to buyers less transaction fees and any earned commission.

What do you mean commission?

We are not retailer and work on a 2% commission for our service. This is calculated into our pricing and is itemized on final invoice. 

How can the price change?

Prices on site are based on current available information and can change daily. As well if costs are under projection once shipment has landed we issue a proportionate credit in form of a refund on the batch or unit to all attached buyers. 


Full refunds are available at anytime before an order is placed with manufacturer. Any cost savings our teams are able to acquire will be refunded/credited to all buyer(s) at a unit rate. Buyer is responsible for all transaction, conversion fees attributed to refund or credit. 2% commission is based off final itemization invoice of costs and is not static to initial pricing.

What "fees" aren't refunded?

The only fees withheld from a refund are any and all associated with payment and refund of payment. Worked into our item price is a 4% credit processing fee.

This also means credit processing of 4% for payment will be withheld and 4% refund fee withheld by all credit card payments. We hope this makes sense, is sound and fair. We need to insensitivize commitment to the group batch buy and recommend to proceed thoughtfully. Buyers who routinely withdraw from group batches may have service suspended at mfb's discretion. 

Cryptocurrency payments (if supported by exchange) will occur any fees associated with transfer from exchange to trust, and trust to specified account for refund. MineFarmBuy is not liable for market losses during payment transfer time. We work with our customers to reduce tx, conversion, transfer fees and expedite service to retain valuation. 

Can I pay in a cryptocurreny?

Coin is as good as cash around here. 

We love Bitcoin, it reduces costs for our buyer(s). If any of the exchanges we work with support any coin you desire we can take payment and refund (please read all our FAQ and TOS). Please use our BTCpay buttons or the "contact us" link to request a detailed quote. We do this on market value and a coin by coin basis, but BTC is preferred.

Can you ship Internationally? 

Yes, coin and card international buyers can be accommodated. Please use our contact page for specific requests.

Any other questions?

As our business develops so will our FAQ, Please consider this FAQ a detail of our "terms of use" and refer to our privacy policy. Read all item descriptions in detail. Contact link below for all questions.