Who and What is MINE.FARM.BUY?

We are a service company that sources asic mining hardware, enterprise, business, and consumer goods. We strive for excellence in service and do our best as a small business to retain competitive pricing and an exceptional experience. Our mission is to deliver and save you time and hopefully money.

What do you sell?

A Service. Plain and simple. Buyers are welcome to request any and all consumer, enterprise and business grade electronics as quote specific to their needs. 

How does your pricing work?

Pricing includes item costs, fees, and commission in the projected cost. Shipping is purchased at checkout if needed or required. There are items/products where they will be drop shipped from manufacturers an my have “mfr direct” option available at no added cost.

What does the process look like?

1) You pick your hardware and pay. We either order immediately or wait depending on type of buy. Securing funds and valuation of coins.

2) We ship as soon as manufacturer delivers to our site. We ensure everything is manufacturer sealed, packaging is secure and begin shipping out to buyers. Beginning with the earliest reservations.

How can the price change?

Prices on site are based on current available information and can change daily, with or without notice.


Refunds are typically available for most products pending sales terms, due to the nature of product and material sourcing being specific to each buyer. Mine Farm Buy LLC reserves all discretion on how refunds are handled. 

What “fees” aren’t refunded?

The only fees withheld from a refund are any and all associated with payment and refund of payment transfer fees which will vary by payment method, and any and all non-refundable costs (ie. transportation, restocking). 

Can you ship Internationally? 

Yes, international buyers can be accommodated and shipping rates will be found in cart our use our contact page for direct inquires. 

Any other questions?

As our business develops so will our FAQ, Please consider this FAQ a detail of our “terms of use” and refer to our privacy policy. Read all item descriptions in detail. Contact link below for all questions.