Whatsminer M20 Series

Whatsminer M20 Series

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Recommended for low to high time preferences.

Group up or solo buy your your Whatsminer M20 Asic. Mid May batch. Imported from China.

  • Please read listing details in full.

  • Cost saving credit applies to these batches.

  • Refunds are eligible before order is placed to manufacturer and may occur processing fees.

  • Please take time and consideration prior to reserving your hardware and selecting a batch buy.

Customs Support:
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Please select your quantity and batch for pricing (PSUs are attached by manufacturer of asic miner).

  • Price is all inclusive: 1x selected quantity Whatsminer M20 variant Asic, customs/duties (optional), commission, shipping.

U.S. Buyers:

  • Customs support is optional on all solo buys and mandatory for group access.

  • Group buyers are required to select paid shipping service, solo buyers select US solo option.

International Buyers: (solo buy strongly recommended)

  • Customs support is not available outside the U.S., please select no.

  • With tariffs we do not recommend joining a group buy.

  • Select International shipping option and expect cost savings pending your location.

Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries. . 

Complete BTCpay payment and Contact Us for confirmation and invoicing. All BTCpay pricing includes shipping.

*Please request a quote for multiple quantity BTCpay orders or submit multiple BTCpay button purchases at your discretion.

M20_48T_Solo_w/o_Customs_Support US/International

M20_48T_Solo_w/_Customs_Support US_Only


M20_48T_Group_Access_International (not recommended due to US/China tariffs)

M20_58T_Solo_w/o_Customs_Support US/International

M20_58T_Solo_w/_Customs_Support US_Only


M20_58T_Group_Access_International (not recommended due to US/China tariffs)