USED Alphaminer Slim GPU Chassis


USED Alphaminer Slim GPU Chassis.

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Request your USED Alphaminer Slim GPU Chassis today. Shipping from Oregon USA.

This Alphaminer “slim” GPU chassis is USED and rated as A- when considering condition only. The system includes the addition of Thermaltake 120mm fan screens, along with the stock case, fans, RAM, mSATA SSD, CPU, and motherboard.

Our general take starts with the psu. A 180V-240V single phase with a C13 input, rated to 2600W. Though we recommend 1800W total watts, and limit to 250W or less per graphics card in power draw. There’s a lot of power but you’ll damage the system and your other equipment easily trying to push use. The GPU width should be a strict 2 slot design to fit all eight pcie lanes, or be prepared to go passive and remove the active coolers. Or run wider GPUs, just less of them. Passive tested well, as the case fans have good air movement. Of course, this adds to the noise level, as does the psu fan (of which is the loudest).

The ethernet port is a little problematic with the need to modify one GPU bracket to fit over the ethernet port (the pcie lane adjacent to the psu). You could remove the GPU bracket completely, snip the appropriate section off, or consider it as a 7 GPU system, at your own risk. Still, it’s a good system with some flaws and works well. Please find more product details and sales terms on used product below.

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  • No Warranty, No returns, No refunds are available for this listing.
    • NCNR.
  • Condition grade B-, 100% operation tested
    • 1800W, 225-250W TPD per GPU.
    • 64GB mSATA drive.
    • 4GB DDR3 RAM.
    • 3 high RPM Fans.
    • 3 Thermaltake 120mm fan screens.
  • Cons: mentioned in detailed description.
    • Ethernet port location.
    • Noise.
    • Space.
  • Manufacturers design sheet may be found here.
  • Please take time and consideration prior to ordering/reserving your hardware.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

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