850kVa Pad Mount Transformer


850kVa 3 Phase Padmount Transformer.

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850kVa Pad Mount Transformer.

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Weight1000 lbs
Dimensions45 × 45 × 25 in

3-Phase Padmount Transformer New 850 kVA 3-Ph Padmount Transformer High Voltage: 12470 GY 7200, 95 kV BIL Low Voltage: 416 Y 240, 30 kV BIL HV Taps: 6 Below HV Bushings: (6) 200A Wells & Inserts (dead front, loop feed) LV Bushings: (4) 6-Hole Spades (common H0/X0) Fluid: Mineral Oil Frequency: 60 Hz Temperature Rise: 65℃ Cooling Class: ONAN Conductor: Al / Al Fusing: Bayonet Switch: 4 pos. LBOR T-blade Features & Accessories -Drain and sample valve -Dial-Type Thermometer -Liquid Level Gauge -Pressure Vacuum Gauge -Pressure Relief Valve


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