Pine64/RD Tanto – diy Build


Pine64 X RoninDojo Personal Server diy Build for US and International buyers. Imported From China. Shipping from Oregon, USA.

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Recommended for low time preferences.

Request your Pine64 X RoninDojo diy build today. Imported from China. Shipping from Oregon, USA.

Please see additional information tab for details. This listing is inspired by community buyers for use with Samourai Wallet software, and many other open source platforms.

  • Parts only listing for DIY projects.
  • Subject to availability from manufacturer.
  • Proceeds from Tanto case sales go to benefit the ronindojo project.
  • Please take time and consideration prior to reserving your hardware.
  • Refunds are eligible before order is placed to manufacturer and will incur any processing fees.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions8 × 11 × 8 in

1x ROCKPro64 4GB Single Board Computer
1x ROCKPro64 20mm Mid Profile Heatsink (N/A for Tanto Casing)
1x Fan for ROCKPro64 Metal Desktop/NAS casing (N/A for Tanto Casing)
1x ROCKPro64 12V 5A US/EU POWER SUPPLY (UK ships with additional cable)
1x StarTech PCI-e to QUAD SATA-III Interface Card or PCI-E X4 To M.2/NGFF NVMe SSD Interface Card
1x ROCKPro64 Metal NAS Casing or RoninDojo Tanto Casing
1x PNY SSD M280CS3030-RB or SSD7CS900
1x 16GB microSD card


Ronin Tanto, Pine64 NAS