MFB Phase 2 Hosting – Oregon, USA

Mine Farm Buy LLC Option Rate hosting package. Oregon, USA.

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Recommended for high and low time preferences.

Option Rate hosting via Mine Farm Buy LLC. Oregon, USA.

    • 480/250V Hydro Grid Service.
    • Whatsminer Hydro Buildout.
      • Launch Q1 2024.
  • Pricing per 40kW continuous service and applicable rack allotment and option to include M53S++ asics.
    • Flat rate at $0.0825/kWh
    • 1 year term per contract available.
      • 80% of deposit will be returned as note/credit, broken up on monthly charges.
    • Pricing does not include asic hardware.
    • Mining projected to begin end of September 2023, pendant on buildout completion.
  • Net USD Wire Pre Payments Only.
  • No intermediaries, site is leased and operated by Mine Farm Buy LLC.
  • Refunds are available up until hosting contract is signed and will incur any processing fees.
  • Please research items prior to ordering. Contact for all inquiries.

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Weight38 lbs
Dimensions26 × 13 × 17 in

40kW USE, 5X M63S, 5X M63


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