MFB Client Service

MFB Client Service

from 36.00 every 2 weeks
Recommended for low time preference buyers.

Select your Bi-weekly client service today and don’t let fiat use you. Use it to earn high interest towards future purchases while holding your coin.

  • All open accounts receive an APY of 1.75% on funds up to $25,000. Client may open multiple accounts as needed.

  • All funds FDIC are insured up to $250,000.

  • Refunds are eligible upon request and subject to transaction fees and will forfeit interest accrued.

  • Funds are accessible within 72 hours of request, transfer fees may apply.

  • Please use contact form to deposit with USD wire.

  • Total includes transaction and routing fees. Funds entered into account reflect option chosen.

  • Subscription is zero commission service, commission is only earned when used for purchase of product.

Bi Weekly Deposit: