Client Services.

A customized service that allows buyers to hold balances under their account and execute specific purchases at a later date. Wires and credit payments are retained in fiat subject to processing and transfer fees, FDIC insured up to $250,000, and subject to 1.05% APY up to $25,000, with option of multiple accounts to maximize percentage yields and insured balances optimization. Bitcoin balances can be held in fiat or bitcoin and subject to Mine Farm Buy LLC’s discretion of a multiple signature cold wallet solution(s) , buyer must agree to majority key holder. All funds are refundable and no commission applies till purchase through Mine Farm Buy LLC is made. Bitcoin transfers to fiat holdings will be at market rate of trade(s). Any usage of bitcoin funds are subject to market rate at commissionable purchase time/date. All refunds will incur processing fees at the expense of the buyer. 

This is a very trustful service, and only encouraged to our dedicated clients with an active account in good standing but is available to all clients at a $500 minimum. PGP email is required prior to exceeding balances over $10,000.00 USD and will need to meet all KYC/AML requirements. Please see our privacy polices. Please use the listing linked below to add funds to your account. Contact us with all inquiries.