This is and will be an ongoing topic. The masses see privacy and anonymity as a need for criminals and they couldn’t be more wrong.

In time the majority will see their own personal data is a gold mine (well Bitcoin mine). What are you worth to an advertiser? Just ask Facebook, twitter, google, amazon, etc. Maybe it’s the introvert in me that just wants to be left alone. Doesn’t need tailored ads to my every “need”. Maybe I just want to explore and exist as I desire.

Seems sort of existential doesn’t it? I crave privacy, anonymity, and I pay taxes, I support school funding, I want to see hospitals built, roads maintained. Though the use of a store of value, medium of exchange, a currency that allows for my preference for privacy makes me suspect? You’ve already got the wrong man. I demand Liberty, I speak Freedom. Am I not patriotic if it’s not a Federal Reserve Note?

I have zero allegiance to them and their inflationary paper. Money and Country have been separate for awhile now. Don’t be disillusioned.

When the common man, “normie” sees that their money isn’t theirs. When it’s revealed that a bank can freeze their funds at whim, without cause, or little of it. You grasp the notion. you see finally that it’s all a scam. None of this is yours. How can you buy food? Gas? Bus ticket? Pay Rent? Pay child care? Without them.

This seems for me to be wrapping up quickly. I thought this would be longer but it’s really so straight forward. No one should know my purchase history except for me and trusted parties. Not those willing to sell you, as your data is you. To me that’s precious, our buyers are anonymous as they like, as they choose. We’ve chosen our path. I’ve chosen my stance. I will remain free and live with liberty to the preference I prefer. I hope you’re empowered to do the same and take a second to not judge others for their needs as well.

Please remember you have the right to privacy, I recommend to use it with liberty.

Ryan EllisComment