The Lottery: A Gekko Science 2Pac Stickminer Review

We've been having fun here with Gekko Science's 2pac stickminers. In fact so much fun they've all pretty much gone missing. Better these than a 10k asic. We do testing, will start reviews as well. We'll, actually, right now. Here with the 2pac. Enjoy our twist on this. I'm certain it will evolve over time. 

This has been fun. Yes the 2pac is an asic. Two chips, attached to a usb. Build is solid, feel nice. Design is minimalist, clean and simple. It could have a shell around the lower half for ease in docking and undocking but then if you set these up right you wont have to touch them much to at all. Anyway. We want assortment here, we want curation. We want buys that have value. Can you request any asic, sure, just ask for a quote. But we want to see ROI for our buyers. Profits. These 2pac's however, there're not that asic. This is lottery, this is small hash. It's like the little engine that could. We'll, really the little engine that will, as math won't fail us. It's just a matter of when it will succeed for us.

One of these won't heat a whole house in the winter. Won't make you rich. It will earn you a few dollars in a year, but that's not the winning ticket. The best way I relate the value of this asic is a lottery, is that golden ticket. Cause it could happen, any second. You may find a block all to yourself. The probability however, you better ask someone with better math skills but it's a long time. A REALLY LONG TIME. Still at stock speeds, out of six units, they preformed to or over spec. And when I say stock speeds, if you follow their guide it was the string from their own write up we used inour batch file. At this speed they will get hot to the touch. Cold enough to react without burn, but hot enough to not fuck around with. A fan will help not really needed for one unit though. I followed their guide, using cgminer. Simple. Then I'm no rookie but if you are, it will just a take a little while. I could document it out, but they have done it. Remember the link to their page is on the product page. Essentially, install the usb drivers, download cgminer, find a solo pool, set up your batch file, and run. Oh yea, plug the 2pac into the usb. Now probably install the usb drivers again, in case you're following this as a guide for some reason. Really it's simple. Then setting up a miner for the first time is a bit intimidating for most newcomers. It's like an "ah ha" moment of sorts. You'll see how easy it is. 

Now your mining Bitcoin. Fun huh? Financial freedom, but only if you hit a block. Which is fairly substantial payout for the majority of the world, it's just the timing is what a few thousand years with 15gh? Much like the lottery though, 1 in how many odds, every ten minutes? Better. Still though math is math, but luck is also luck. Your hash could be the one but as the song goes "someday never comes". Then you never know, when it could happen. As with math it's just a calculation. This scenario is both extremes, math it will tell you it will take a thousand years, where luck says, "how about now?" every submitted share.   

So you need a 2pac obviously. You need a computer, access to the internet and a need to do some research. And your good. You'll have some issues with amperage to your usb port but trust me missing a few hashes is an extremely minor loss. Unplug and plug in 2pac, restart cgminer. Hash till it happens again. Tired of it happening? Buy a usb hub with 2 amp usb ports. You'll probably have little to zero downtime. Plus side you'll have more ports for more 2pacs. It's kind of fun. Did I say that already? We'll it's true.

At first I would look at my payout address often in hope of a block find, then it became every morning and evening. Now it's just periodically. Again a decent set up and it's like all asics. You power up and leave. Now we hope on luck and we forget occasionally. Then you get that feeling of anticipation when you check for a find after a little while. It's still pretty exciting each time, like playing roulette, or craps. Thrilling till you lose, you'll lose a lot. It will make you a better person in this world of immediate, self gratification. But that's another blog. 

More advanced miners can set up a usb hub w/Raspberry Pi to mine on a full a node, no pool. You can just as easily install a node on your computer and mine to that as well. Yes, there are lots of guides. I would however mine to a private address you control. Not an exchange or a wallet. The point of financial freedom is it's yours. As with Bitcoin and your own node you are your own bank. Although you are responsible for that though, so imagine winning the lottery we're accustomed to. The publicly, the attention, the everything that comes with that. It's exhausting to think about. The beauty here, no one but who you tell would ever know. Privacy, anonymity, freedom.

Will you contribute to the ideal of what Bitcoin is? Yes. You strengthen decentralization with your full, active node. You decentralize hashing by mining alone, pool-less. And if you're reading this in the near future, you're still an early adopter. You might say it's worthless, pointless to try. But for $50, some time, and you can turn every hash, every share into a golden ticket. You'll lose more in Vegas. The sooner you start, the sooner luck starts your way, and the sooner you've adapted. Then by this point you've actually already won if you really start to understand what this is all about. So enjoy, freedom and mine on.

Recommendation: Buy. We recommend buy on this asic for introduction to mining, nodes, and bitcoin. Minimal recommended set up is 2 stickminers, one solo mining and one pooling mining, or both solo. 

*All 2pac asics mentioned in this blog were purchased by mfb. This is not a paid or requested advertisement for the Gekko Sceince 2Pac Stickminer.