Bull or Bear?

Price is up, for some. Price is down for some. Price is the same for everyone.

It's interesting to see the calm and panic as 6k is bullish and 6k is very bear for some as well. I've only been a hodl'er for a short time. I remember 7k, 10k, 14k, 20k, and all the way down again.

I mine some and have bought some. Investment either way. I'm not rich off BTC by any means but did well mining with s7's for a while. I can though, imagine the stress of those buying at peak EOY but still if you're buying it's an investment. You should trust your judgement and realize you have sound money. A fantastic store of value even at 6k and hodl. I'm not trader but I dabble. buying low, selling for gain, for fun mostly not for pure investment as the market is volatile and I can't say I'm a clear winner as trader. I like to watch, play and learn. 

Mistakes were made as I went to purchase new hardware and traded to BCH and due to volume couldn't make a purchase and lost well over $1.5k in not trading back to BTC or even fiat as BCH fell significantly in just a few hours. If anything learning to be your own bank is important and well overlooked. Then I'm the type to learn and I hope to exponentially. Looking at making things easier for myself and others. Just look at mfb here. Supporting like minded miners, hobbyists, enthusiasts in sourcing asics. I had wished it was this easy and cheaper as price gouging is an industry standard I can't stand. We look to alleviate some of the pain points, the bottleneck to decentralization is access. 

Relating this to topic though, sure it's painful to have bought at 20k. Patience is virtue, hodl till you can make a return or buy again now at 6k and learn to manage a portfolio. Learn to bank, invest on your own. Who else would you trust more? Positioning, timing are big factors. Never buy at an all time high, sell. Never sell at a low, buy. It's only as complicated as you make it. And yes this is NOT sage advice, you don't have to listen to me and honestly I don't recommend you do. Just like you can ignore those who invested much earlier, it's not perspective that hurts you but the lack of (even for them). I say make a bad decision, just not with everything you have. As well make a good investment decision, just not with everything you have. If anything it's best to wait, watch, note and learn then act. Cause the next bear could be your bull and vise versa for someone else.  

Ryan EllisComment