A Little Late.

When does it start? Early adoption? Well, from when it started. But then that's not an early adopter. When is the gain of support? The recognition, the adaption?

We're all late to the game, say for Satoshi. And who is right? Who is wrong? Who is who? #acdc

My perspective is it doesn't matter because we're all late.

We're the ones who've adopted and are adapting. But the bell curve? Where is the peak? Is it now? is it then? It's still ahead of us. The thing about revolutionary, culture changing events is they tend to take time. Sure we've had some, but the history of exchange is long and this is a fraction, a blink. To have higher expectations verges on hubris. That doesn't mean to lose you passion. I would consider the now still early adoption, but the truth is much more simple than that. If you aren't trading through Bitcoin and/or just holding long term as well. You truly are missing out (on much more than valuation). 

To me the early adopters have completely adapted. Bitcion is the soul of their monetary, information systems. Everything else is an exchange down from value (especially looking at Bitcoin solely monetarily). A currency based on value than thin air. A proof of work. A valuation of work. Some more buzz words inserted here to sound knowledgeable but the great thing is you don't need to be.

Thank you Satoshi.

(And now this is really turning into a short blog quickly. As there is only one real end. Poetry of sorts?) 


The sooner the masses realize that one bitcoin is, and always will be, one bitcoin. The better. For us and them. As we're all adopters, you'll just be more late but hopefully just by a little. All simply because one always equals one. So no matter how late you are, the value never changes. It's those who truly adapt who will always be ahead of the rise and always be ringing the bell for others to hear along the way. #btc

Inspiration credit to @francispouliot_ ‏‏

Ryan EllisComment