Cocktail Party

So, I tweet. Maybe not often but feel free to follow (insert self promotion) @mr1derful01 if you care. 

I imagine I wont get many followers from this anyway. As this is always more of record of experience than anything truly tangible. Those of us in this crypto universe always get the questions about Bitcoin. No matter where we go. 

We talk Bitcoin and the crypto world everyday. It's what we do. Hopefully it's what we're passionate about. I found my self luckily amongst friends who had lots of questions. I tried to have lots of answers. I actually enjoyed this for the first time in a while. Genuine interest in what I was speaking to. No glazed, empty eyes who seemed to only be making conversation. People, regular, normal, everyday people. Asking about Bitcoin. How they can solidify their futures and hodl. How this digital world works from mining to nodes to wallets, anonymity, security, privacy and retention. Some how it all just clicked. It was fun, it was engaging. It mattered.

In my opinion, I know nothing, I try to hold a conversation with devs and maximalists as the only way for me to learn is to dive into it. Converse, reject, accept, listen, speak, acknowledge, drive to means and end but you can't get that anymore. Maybe one day people will really see what we do here at mfb and say, " yea, these 'guys' got it right". Things are so clouded though. It's so hard to navigate for most. to find good reasonable information. Thoughtful exchange. Maybe this is what the soul needed. To know I'm just a novice but still I can affect this world. This small portion I live in. Help those who seek the power of their own financial security. Help them contribute if they choose to a network of peers who's trust we have to have and don't have to have. Satoshi of all people (like a unicorn) could connect to my node. Would I know it? Never. And that is beautiful. 

Maybe I ramble, that's probably true but it felt good. Pleasant, that I could help. drive knowledge or thought that there is more to personal finance than dollars and cents. There are Bitcoins and satoshi's that will drive global trade. Local trade. Imagine the establishment when people truly utilize the power that they, themselves are their own financial instruments. Here's to keeping the conversation going. 

Ryan EllisComment