The Ides of April

Looks like a short bull building at the very least. Taxes are due here in the states and already we see a bull move in the last two days. Are expectations high? Probably. Should they be? Certainly, but let's stay realistic. How high can this surge? I suppose it depends on the taxes due, and amount needed to fulfill those obligations. We'll probably see the DOW, NASDAQ, S&P have similar sparks and trend green this week as those investors look to do the same.   

What does this mean for the average miner though? Not much, you can pay your power bills a little sooner, hold more Bitcoin to drive into Q3 and have a few more recent talk points when you meet those who want you to explain blockchain and mining at a cocktail party like it's small talk.

It's our hope here we all can enjoy a bit of boom in our market this week. As those that endeavor are always here for the good and the bad. The high and the low. The beauty is Bitcoin is ours and our drive for it's future is relentless.

So, sell to pay the tax man, buy as the price is still low. Invest because this is the future. 

Just be patient, play smart, and enjoy a few more beers this week. 

Ryan Ellis