A Mountain.

I’m over due.

I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.

Life, work, balancing everything. Learning, discovering, more adverbs of the like.

Bitcoin has been a journey. Our mission has been enduring. We were hopeful we’d go to the moon to. Tariffs are a bottleneck, the mountain a small business must climb. Our international community is lovely, and supporting us, while supporting themselves. Though we’ve let down those group buyers now who relied on our service. The tariff is too high, to substantial from some territories to soak along with their duties on imports. The United States has been spoiled, coddled, was looking poised, but now is punished, and by our own doing, We’re driving adoption, we’re driving adaption, we’re driving experience, and refinement. We’re pushing mainstream but recoil at the thought. We like being small, looking vulnerable, while being a Honey Badger. Accepting our circumstance and relentlessly grinding to objective. Though we’ve strayed, we’ve left buyers behind. We look to do that no longer.

Our mission is Everest we hope to perpetually climb. Driving Bitcoin nodes and mines into every home. Our bear market has been a valley and a refuge. Bitcoin is so approachable, don’t let it slip through your fingers this time. The Mountain will always remain, will always look intimidating, will always test, will always be an obstacle. Best to start climbing now,

Ryan EllisComment