Bitcoin Core/LND Node 2TB RAID 1

Bitcoin Core/LND Node 2TB RAID 1

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Solo buy your Bitcoin Core Lightning Node 2TB RAID 1 (fully synchronized) today. These items are not in stock and are produced on a per order basis. ETA to buyer will be communicated per purchase (average 7 days).

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  • Bitcoin Core fully synced node (winX).

  • LND fully synced node (NodeLauncher winX).

  • 2x Intel SSDPEKNW020T801

  • .Selection of StarTech:

    • S322M225R Adapter

    • SMS2BU31C3R Enclosure

Prices inclusive of:

1x selected quantity Core/Lightning Node in RAID 1 (latest versions) pre-installed/synced for Windows 10, transaction fees, commission, shipping purchased at check out. *Commission from sales will be split in thirds to MFB, Node Launcher and Bitcoin Core Development.

*Please request a quote for hardware only purchases to install your own software.*

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